Catholic home education in Australia

Here is a collection of resources for sharing the Catholic faith with your family from an Australian perspective.  We hope to bring together a useful starting point for homeschoolers in need of inspiration and support.

You can get in touch via the friendly mailing list.


About Veronica Brandt

Homeschooling mother of 4, compulsive hymnbook compiler, gregorian chant nut, Electrical Engineer by training (UNSW 2001), aspiring devout Catholic, Breastfeeding Counsellor with ABA and amateur musician.
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1 Response to Catholic home education in Australia

  1. jmleach says:

    Hi! Thank you for setting up this site. I’m a homeschooling Mum from the west coast. You wouldn’t happen to have the contact details for the Catholic Homeschooling group in Queensland by any chance? Cheers,
    J Leach

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